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TPLA/ASL lightsaber rules: short tips

Greetings all! The following are a few of our recent training and rule set tips form our channel. Check them out for some quick information on the rules and tips to help you create fun and exciting bouts! While one handed combat is the norm, two handed technique can be very effective! Salvo:… Continue reading TPLA/ASL lightsaber rules: short tips

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The Finer Points of Arming: ASL-FFE Lightsaber Sport

Greetings all! We have our next video on the official FFE rules for Lightsaber combat that we are going to be certifying people in starting this year. This video talks about some of the common questions folks have concerning the unique rule of "arming". Arming is not done in other forms of lightsaber sports. This… Continue reading The Finer Points of Arming: ASL-FFE Lightsaber Sport