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May the Fourth be with you!

Greetings everyone! 

May the Fourth has a special place in the heart of every Star Wars fan. This year is a special one for TPLA. As such, we have a big announcement: 

Terra Prime is now an official non-profit organization! 

When we started and until now, this project has been funded exclusively by ourselves. Ii have donated my time and work to produce all these videos and other materials as well as gathering a group of people that could help me and Matthew bring TPLA into the next phase. And now hit has occurred. We have a team that can accomplish what we set out too do. Now is the time to make a bigger push and bring more to bare in the project. 

What us incoirpeerating as a non profit will allow us to do its expand our offerings of how we can interact with everyone. We will be offering more classes, online opportunities, and other new ways to connect and be a part of the fun. It will also enable us to give back to the community in more ways. We have always put out al our information for everyone to use and we hope the we can expand things and continue to be a resource for this echo want to know more or who want to connect with us and share resources and information. We will have more avenues for workshops, seminars, and learning. We are also citing to form relationships with professional sporting organizations and advocating for the adoption of LED saber sport into current events. 

More is to come! Please see the official press release below. 

Happy Sabering! May the 4th be with you!

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