Coronavirus 2020: COVID-19 news

Greetings everyone!  COVID-19 is in full swing here in the States. As such I have cancelled all classes requiring shared equipment or contact between participants. We have also had to postpone some of our travel plans, as is very common right now. I simply cannot keep the shared equipment and gear clean enough to… Continue reading Coronavirus 2020: COVID-19 news

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Why it is perfectly fine to call it “Baby Yoda”

Ok, so here is a quick rant dealing with some language stuff. It is short. Please bear with me for a moment. If you have seen the Mandalorian on Disney+ , you have no doubt fallen in love with the “secret” character revealed at the end of the first episode; an infant of the same race… Continue reading Why it is perfectly fine to call it “Baby Yoda”

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First International Lightsaber Fencing Workshop

Greetings all! Some of you may be wondering where i have been this past month and a half. This past October I had the pleasure and honor of teaching at the very first “International Lightsaber Workshop” hosted by the French Federation of Fencing (FFE). The weekend was long, hard, and one of the most enriching… Continue reading First International Lightsaber Fencing Workshop