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TPLA -Side by Side: Partnership and Online Tournament

Greetings all! Thee COVID crisis has had quite the effect on things. Here in the US it's is just now letting up a little. Lockdowns and a dearth of opportunities to practice with others is having a toll on many of us. But, we are never idle! The needs of the current situation have crated… Continue reading TPLA -Side by Side: Partnership and Online Tournament


Coronavirus 2020: COVID-19 news

Greetings everyone!  COVID-19 is in full swing here in the States. As such I have cancelled all classes requiring shared equipment or contact between participants. We have also had to postpone some of our travel plans, as is very common right now. I simply cannot keep the shared equipment and gear clean enough to… Continue reading Coronavirus 2020: COVID-19 news

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Why it is perfectly fine to call it “Baby Yoda”

Ok, so here is a quick rant dealing with some language stuff. It is short. Please bear with me for a moment. If you have seen the Mandalorian on Disney+ , you have no doubt fallen in love with the “secret” character revealed at the end of the first episode; an infant of the same race… Continue reading Why it is perfectly fine to call it “Baby Yoda”