Welcome to Terra Prime!

Greetings and Welcome!

Words of fighting! Words about fighting! Words that cause fights! The many words we use in the service of combat and martial arts are a code. Lets try to decode the mystery!

Fighting Words is primarily about language and the martial arts. But, this intersects a wide range of topics. We will be discussing language and how it affects our experience of our arts. We will be providing translations and analysis of old texts and martial arts writing. But also we will be looking into how these arts use language and communication to bring people together, create communities and survive into the future. We will discuss not only the real martial arts but the “hyper-real” world of fantasy and sci-fi which borrow from these traditions in many ways. Text and media will be working hand in hand an dI hope that it will become a good resource for people of all experience levels!

Welcome! Patience, practice, perseverance!  Happy Sabering!