Coronavirus 2020: COVID-19 news

Greetings everyone!  COVID-19 is in full swing here in the States. As such I have cancelled all classes requiring shared equipment or contact between participants. We have also had to postpone some of our travel plans, as is very common right now. I simply cannot keep the shared equipment and gear clean enough to… Continue reading Coronavirus 2020: COVID-19 news

ASL-FFE, Lightsaber Academy

The Finer Points of Arming: ASL-FFE Lightsaber Sport

Greetings all! We have our next video on the official FFE rules for Lightsaber combat that we are going to be certifying people in starting this year. This video talks about some of the common questions folks have concerning the unique rule of "arming". Arming is not done in other forms of lightsaber sports. This… Continue reading The Finer Points of Arming: ASL-FFE Lightsaber Sport

Fight Science, Media and Reviews

Why do non-fighters think they can fight?

The keyboard warrior. The eternal "expert". Mr. Know-it-all. In martial arts we have all had our run ins with these types. From belt collectors who brag about their multiple month long training sessions with specific martial arts to the Armchair Quarterback explaining the game to you, as if they knew better, they are quite annoying.… Continue reading Why do non-fighters think they can fight?

ChaoXian ShiFa, Historical Martial Arts, Translations

Ban Tou: Leopard Head Strike

The third entry from Mao Yuan Yi's ChaoXian Shifa 朝鮮勢法 (Korean Stances) we will look at is the "ban tou" or Leopard Head Strike. The technique is familiar to a great many arts and find a number of iterations within the Wubei Zhi. Ban tou is related to two previous entries, Ju Ding and Zuo… Continue reading Ban Tou: Leopard Head Strike

Fight Science, Tong Bei Studies

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

Fitness, and especially martial arts, is replete with sayings and training koans. Many of these sayings are rather suspect, sounding good on the surface but not standing up to scrutiny. Others are so counter intuitive, they foster resistance to them to this day. One of these sayings is “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”.… Continue reading Slow is smooth and smooth is fast