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TPLA/ASL lightsaber rules: short tips

Greetings all!

The following are a few of our recent training and rule set tips form our channel. Check them out for some quick information on the rules and tips to help you create fun and exciting bouts!

While one handed combat is the norm, two handed technique can be very effective!


One of the most exciting parts of our game. Once you get a touch, you can get a higher scoring target if you arm and strike again in one beat.


Besides the basic priority rules there are various ways to gain it.

“I will try spinning, thats a good trick.”


Feints are attacks with priority that change their target before they are completed. You may change the target once as long as you do not re-arm the strike.

Preliminary actions

These are actions done before arming. they are useful for keeping the opponent on the defensive and for adding an element of confusion.

And of course, your lightsaber must be illuminated!

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