Tong Bei Studies, Translations

通备武艺 马越- Tongbei Wu Yi- by Ma Yue

Translated by Chad Eisner- September 2019 (Additional translation and assistance by Dr. Jared Miracle) This is a piece by my teacher Ma Yue. This is a basic explanation of the core principles and qualities that make Ma Shi Tongbei Wuyi (Ma family Tongbei Martial arts) what it is. It is the following that forms the… Continue reading 通备武艺 马越- Tongbei Wu Yi- by Ma Yue

Lightsaber Academy, Translations

La Communauté du Sabre Laser: En Francais

translated by Alexandre Prévoteau Académie de Sabre Laser - Reims L’Académie de Sabre Laser, le sabre et sa communauté. La communauté de pratiquants de combat au sabre laser n’a pas cessé de s’agrandir depuis quelques années. Il est parfois difficile de bien comprendre tous les tenants et les aboutissants de ce nouveau loisir. Il convient… Continue reading La Communauté du Sabre Laser: En Francais

Dan Dao Fa Xuan, Historical Martial Arts, Translations

Dan Dao Fa Xuan: part one

The martial arts manual is a core piece of modern martial arts lore. The book that contains secret techniques and methods for defeating your enemy is story that is told in countless movies, TV shows, and novels. What surprises most Practitioners of Chinese martial art, is that in China, the grand majority of the oldest… Continue reading Dan Dao Fa Xuan: part one

ChaoXian ShiFa, Historical Martial Arts, Translations

Ban Tou: Leopard Head Strike

The third entry from Mao Yuan Yi's ChaoXian Shifa 朝鮮勢法 (Korean Stances) we will look at is the "ban tou" or Leopard Head Strike. The technique is familiar to a great many arts and find a number of iterations within the Wubei Zhi. Ban tou is related to two previous entries, Ju Ding and Zuo… Continue reading Ban Tou: Leopard Head Strike