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Ma Xianda: A brief history of Duan Bing and its characteristics-短兵格斗简史及其特点

The cover of "Chinese Duan Bing" by Ma Xianda The following is a selection from the book “Chinese Duan Bing” by my teacher’s father, Ma Xianda. Ma Xianda is probably best known for his contributions to Modern Wushu and teaching Jet Li what would become his specialty set, Fanziquan. In fact, Ma Xianda was the… Continue reading Ma Xianda: A brief history of Duan Bing and its characteristics-短兵格斗简史及其特点

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Li Tianji李天骥: Wudang Sword Methods

Like it or not, the continued existence of Chinese martial arts through the later part 20th century is largely due to modern Wushu. Many deride the modern sport as being a corruption of traditional martial art, trading substance for flash. And it is true, the current level of the sport is very far removed from… Continue reading Li Tianji李天骥: Wudang Sword Methods

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Gentleman’s Sword by Jin Yi-ming-君子劍-金一明

The Chinese Longsword has had a long history. But it is a sporadic one. It seems that while the jian its self has enjoyed an almost continuous place in the halls of honored weapons, the two handed sword waxes and wanes in and out of popularity through the years. The Han dynasty(202 BC – 9… Continue reading Gentleman’s Sword by Jin Yi-ming-君子劍-金一明

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Xin You Dao in Wu Bei Zhi:辛酉刀法武備志

Often, when we speak of ancient martial arts and how it was used, we speak of swords and blades and other melee weapons. In China, there is of course a long history of swords and sabers. From the dueling culture of the Han (202 BC–220 AD), through the development of advanced metal working techniques through to… Continue reading Xin You Dao in Wu Bei Zhi:辛酉刀法武備志

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Shield: Wubei Zhi 牌:武備志

In the massive military encyclopedia from China, the Wubei Zhi武備志, there are many contributions from other works and authors. Principle among these is Qi Jiguang. Mao Yuanyi included many sections from his works. Even taking works of authors Qi himself appropriated (copyright is not a concept that is valid in this discussion as it was… Continue reading Shield: Wubei Zhi 牌:武備志