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The Five Principles of Scoring: ASL-FFE The ASL-FFE sytem of Lightsaber combat is based around five core principles: Engagement Arming: Engagement Arming is an action which opens a "weapon phrase" and grants an attack priority before launching it at the opponent. This action is performed by bringing the entire hilt and blade behind the vertical midline of the body. This… Continue reading The Five Principles of Scoring: ASL-FFE

Lightsaber Academy, Sparring showcase

The French Rules in Action! An example of match play using the FFE rule set. Here it is! We have finally have some good examples of the rules for the French Federation  of Fencing Lightsaber competition. This is of course the system that our own Cedric Giroux produced for the FFE and recently made the news. Ever since then,… Continue reading The French Rules in Action!

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Seven Forms Symposium 2019 The live broadcast of the Symposium. Symposium 2019 This past weekend we held out 2019 Seven Forms Symposium. This year was very special in that we met in real life and in real time to exchange skills ideas and produce something new. This we also had the honor of hosting one of the founders… Continue reading Seven Forms Symposium 2019