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TPLA 7 Forms Symposium

Hello everyone once again!

It has been a while since I idid anything here on the blog. But as things start to settle into our new normal, the posts shall resume!

And today is a perfect day for such an event. Today is our 7 Forms Symposium, our panel discussion with experts and fellows in the lightsaber and martial arts community. This year is a banner year for us as we have three very special guests joining us!

Gene Ching

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It is an honor to have Gene Ching with us for the discussion. Gene Ching is a 32nd generation disciple of the original Shaolin Temple, a certified Provost at Arms in Fencing, and the publisher of, which formerly also published the newsstand magazine Kung Fu Tai Chi. He was also a Weapons Expert on Man at Arms: Art of War with Danny Trejo. Gene has been an important figure in Chinese martial arts for decades. Wee look forward to what he will bring to the discussion!

Serge Timacheff

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Seattle-based Serge Timacheff is the press officer for the International Fencing Federation (FIE) and has been on staff with them for nearly 20 years; he is also the editor of USA Fencing’s American Fencing magazine. His background includes national and international journalism and documentary photography and he is a six-time Olympic photographer and widely published author on topics including photography, business, and technology. A fencer since he was 10 years old, he has competed internationally and won numerous medals in the USA and abroad.

Fabrice Patin

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Fabrice Patin has been a Master of Arms and FFE professional fencing teacher since 2010 (Foil, sword, artistic fencing). He is a professional graduate of the Mental and Motor Handicap federations (FFH and FFSA). He is also a teacher of Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA): German Fencing specialty Lichtenaeur tradition.

Within the ASL-FFE working group, he is the national lightsaber referent and has created with Cedric Giroux, the choreographed combat program and the jury/scoring rules for choreographic combat competitions.

This will certainly be a great conversation. We will be discussing the future oof sabering and how it relates to martial arts ini general into the future. From the sport, martial arts, and training angles.

Watch here live today July 4 at 2pm EDT, or anytime after the event:

Please check it out s we delve into the what the future holds for this new and growing sport!

Patience, Practice, Perseverance!

Happy Sabering!

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