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TPLA -Side by Side: Partnership and Online Tournament

Greetings all!

Thee COVID crisis has had quite the effect on things. Here in the US it’s is just now letting up a little. Lockdowns and a dearth of opportunities to practice with others is having a toll on many of us.

But, we are never idle! The needs of the current situation have crated some opportunities and in-roads with other who have the same mindset as we do but have not been connected with as of yet. That is the case with our new partnership with Side by Side Sports.

Side by Side has been offering online fencing courses during the pandemic.In Spring of 2020 they decided to use this as an opportunity to try out an online tournament. This happened in June of 2020 to great success. Side by Side is also offering online streams for lectures, discussions and training. Very much akin to what TPLA has been providing these 8 years.

As we move forward and develop the sport here in the US as well as advance our system of training, we will be partnering with Side by side on many projects and, with hard work and effort, we can help bring LED sabering to more athletes and fans around the world!

Here is my talk with head of Side by Side, Alia El Ghamrawy. We are planning to be involved in the next online tournament with a LED saber devision! The video has some information but details will be coming soon.

Also, I will be offering some basic lightsaber classes through Side by Side to help people prepare for the online event. These classes are streamed on Facebook live, so please follow Side by side Sports on Facebook to get the streams. Or follow TPLA on Facebook as we will also be sharing the videos there. But, Side by side has many other videos and past streams available form referee tutorials and practices to online fencing workouts with international instructors. All well worth anyone’s time in this sport.

The first introduction to the basics of LED saber: footwork.
Information on LED saber practice and weapons.

We are looking forward to working with Side by Side as we move into the future. Our two organizations have many of the same goals and outlooks. I am very excited to see what we can do together! I humbled by this opportunity and am cofident we wil be breaking new ground more than every before!

Stay tuned, saberites! The horizon looks good! Patience, Practice, Perseverance!

Happy Sabering!

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