Coronavirus 2020: COVID-19 news

Greetings everyone! 

COVID-19 is in full swing here in the States. As such I have cancelled all classes requiring shared equipment or contact between participants. We have also had to postpone some of our travel plans, as is very common right now. 

I simply cannot keep the shared equipment and gear clean enough to prevent the spread of this disease. As I detail in the video, gloves are almost impossible to sanitize without throwing win a hot wash, and masks will are in direct contact with the face of participants. For the sport right now, I would recommend that all shared gear be discontinued until this situation stabilizes. 

Information on this topic is changing daily. Please see the links below for the most updated information.

For those of us whoo are sequestered indoors and possibly in small spaces, we will be putting out some videos about training during this time. It is important to stay healthy and exercise is an important part of that. So, stay tuned!

Thats a quick run down of the news from our end. I hope everyone is dealing with the situation as best they can.

Patience, practice, perseverance,

Happy Sabering!

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