ASL-FFE, Lightsaber Academy

The Finer Points of Arming: ASL-FFE Lightsaber Sport

Greetings all!

We have our next video on the official FFE rules for Lightsaber combat that we are going to be certifying people in starting this year. This video talks about some of the common questions folks have concerning the unique rule of “arming”. Arming is not done in other forms of lightsaber sports. This video covers some of the basic questions regarding the rule and how to use it in play.


1:00-1:30 Introduction

1:30- 2:20: Engagement arming and methods

The basics of the arming types and performance of the “engagement arming” principle.

2:20- 3:15:Details for engagement arming

Requirements and prohibitions of engagement arming are discussed. The major point is that one cannot hold on to priority indefinitely. Priority only lasts as long as your armed attack. Therefore, if you stop your movement in the attack, you can loose priority.

3:15- 5:12: Two handed Engagement arming tips.

Two handed engagement arming is used frequently, but some find it more challenging than one handed. There are some easy methods that are trained in many of our forms that one can use as engagement arming with two hands.

5:12- 5:20: Simple arming tips for two handed work.

5:20- 8:30: Two handed strategy in the FFE rule set.

To handed work is usable and works quite well with this rule set. There are some differences form one handed play, which the rules do tend to favor, but nothing insurmountable. Another difficulty is rear facing guards and arming. Several methods and restrictions are shown.

8:30- 11:08: Reverse grip. Is it faster in arming?

Another question/comment we have received concerns our old nemesis, reverse grip. We have played with reverse grip a bit and still find it to be a large handicap. The claim that it is faster to arm a strike with reverse grip may have some truth to it, although preliminary thoughts and experiments on my part don’t seem to show much of an advantage.

11:08- 11:28: Does the speed of arming matter that much?

The other factor in this is how much the speed of one’s arming has on the game. While arming is definitely a timing sensitive action, and one must do this in time, being quicker on the arm does not seem to give one that much of an advantage.

11:28- 13:05: Final thoughts

13:05- 14:10: Coming soon.

14:10-15:33: Example weapon phrases.

Her are some examples of weapon phrases. There are some feints and compound attacks included in the footage. More on those in later videos. but the arming should be apparent.

We will be having another workshop introducing the ASLpFFE rules at HQ on March 7th 1-5pm. Also stay tuned for the dates of the first north American certification weekend coming this summer!

Patience, Practice, Perseverance! Happy Sabering!

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