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The Mystery of the Hidden Hilt Dao

https://youtu.be/Png0-Sfz6Nc In 1983, in Guyuan, a tomb of a General named “Li Xian” 李賢(504-569 AD)was uncovered in Guyuan, a Northwestern City in China known for its long history and connection to the silk road. the area boasts many treasures from those times. Its museum has a collection of not only Chinese artifacts from the days… Continue reading The Mystery of the Hidden Hilt Dao

Historical Martial Arts, Sword Lab, Weapon experiments

Liujiao Dao 鹿角刀: the “Deer Horn Knives”

The Chinese arsenal is full of strange weapons that defy explanation. There is an amazing array of strange and unusual weapons for every mood. Especially blades. There are so many ornate and bizarrely shaped bladed weapons it's hard to keep track of. Many of these are first recorded in the 1800’s or later, so arguments… Continue reading Liujiao Dao 鹿角刀: the “Deer Horn Knives”