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A Sketch of a Master: Ma Yue

A few days ago, my Sifu Ma Yue celebrated his 62nd Birthday. So, in a belated birthday post, I thought I would repost my sketch of my esteemed teacher from a few years back. Enjoy!

Ma Yue is one of the few teachers that is educated and skilled in the academic, performance, sporting, and traditional aspects of the martial arts and how they can be incorporated into society. His passion for elevating the martial arts is infectious, and any time spent with him will yield deep insights. He is a generous and highly motivating teacher.

What follows is a resume of a Kung Fu Master in the old sense of the word. All information was gathered from Ma Yue himself. I present it here as a formal introduction to a great teacher of a an amazing style. It is truly a unique experience to learn from him.

Ma Yue: A Career in Martial Art

Ma Yue was born in 1959 in Beijing. He started learning martial arts at the age of five with his grandfather Ma Fengtu and father Ma Xianda. He inherited the Ma Style Tongbei Wuyi System which includes empty hand styles such as Tongbei Pigua, Kaimen Baji, Ba Shan Fan (Fanzi Quan), Chuo Jiao, Jiu Zi Tanglang Shou (Mantis hands), Taizu Ba Zhan Shou. Ma yue also inherited the Ma Style Tongbei weapons such as Liu He Da Qiang, Qi Qiang, Feng Mo Gun, Shuang Dao, 73 Tongbei Jian , Tongbei Pao Jian, Pigua Dao, Niu Si, putuan stick work, as well as Ma Style Bian Gan among others.

In 1971 he received the Shaanxi Province Junior Wushu Competition as overall champion.
In 1977 he was first place in Shaanxi Province (the only student enrolled from the Northwest Territories at that time)and therefore admitted to study at the Beijing Sports Institute (now Beijing University of Physical Education) within the Department of Wushu.


From 1977 till his graduation in 1982, Ma represented the Beijing University of Physical Education’s Sanda and Duanbing Pro Teams. Ma Yue at the University’s Wushu Department studied with teachers such as Zhang Wen-Guang who taught Duanbing, Sanda and Wrestling; Xia Bo Hua, who also taught Duanbing and Sanda and Men Huifeng who taught him Xingyi, Bagua and Taiji Quan. In addition He learned Chen Style Taiji Quan from Kan Guixiang and Chen Liqing.

From 1982 to 1985, he was the Physical Education Teacher at the Northwest University of Architecture and Engineering (now called Changan University).

From 1985 to 1986, Ma was employeed at the Xi’an Institute of Physical Education as a martial arts teacher.

Competition Circuit:

In 1979, on behalf of Beijing Sports Institute’s Sanda and Duanbing Teams, he won awards for excellence at the 1st Traditional Wushu Research Meeting which was held in Nanning.

A Young Ma Yue with team mates

In 1979 at the 4th National Games Wushu Division received an Outstanding Performance Award for the Duanbing and Sanshou contests.

In 1983, at the Xi’an Traditional Wushu Competition he became the champion at Pigua Quan Fanzi Quan, Feng Mo Gun and Tongbei Jian.

In 1983, at the Shaanxi Province Traditional Wushu Competition he became the champion at Pigua Quan Fanzi Quan, Feng Mo Gun and Tongbei Jian.

In 1983, at the National Wushu Competition in Nanchang, he became the champion at Pigua Quan Fanzi Quan, Feng Mo Gun and Tongbei Jian.

Film Career:

In 1982, he served in the documentary film “Along the Silk Road” as a martial arts actor and assisted his father Ma Xianda with martial arts choreography.

In 1982, he served in the television series “Tianbao Anecdotal,” as a martial arts actor and assisted his father Ma Xianda with the martial arts choreography. 

In 1983 he served in the movie “Shaolin Tong zi Gong” as an actor playing one of the main villains.

In 1985 he served in the movie “Great Sword Wang Wu” as a martial arts actor and martial arts choreographer.

After China:

Ma Yue in Paris

From 1986 on, Ma Yue travelled to various countries such as France, USA, Russia, Japan, Denmark, Norway and others, engaging in teaching martial arts over a 20 year period.In 1987, he taught the French National team. Majority of that time he was based in the United Kingdom where he established his own Martial Arts Institution. He was interviewed by a number of British Martial Arts magazines such as “FIGHTING ARTS”, “Combat Magazine” and “QI Magazine”. In another well-known magazine “Kung Fu Master” he was awarded a title of “martial arts expert”. Also during his 20 years in the United Kingdom, he taught martial arts to bodyguard companies, spread martial arts into the field of adult education and was the first person in Europe to bring Chinese Martial Arts into the Hydro Health Farm Curriculum.

The 21st Century:

In 2007 he served in the first kung fu movie Northern European Film History called “Fighter” (Aicha) as martial arts trainer to guide and coach actors and actresses for their roles.

From October 2008 to August 2009 he served as British ambassador for the 2009 Special Olympics, Leicester.

Ma Yue teaching in Russia

From 2009-2011 he was invited by the World Budokan Centre in Russia as a consultant of Ma Style Tongbei Martial Arts, Sanda (Sanshou) and DuanBing to the head coach.

Certificate denoting Ma Yue as the 6th generation lineage holder of Ma Shi Tongbei WuYi.

May 2011 in Xian, Master Ma Yue was officially awarded the 6th Generation Headmastership of the Ma Family Tongbei Martial Arts System by Grandmaster Ma Xianda (One of the top 3 experts of Chinese Wushu, Ten Great National Professors of Wushu, holder of 9 Duan – The highest ranking of the National Wushu Duanwei System)—

2014 in UK, Grandmaster Ma Yue was officially made the main Ambassador for China of the Egyptian British Council. The Honorary President of the Egyptian British Council is HRH Prince Mohamed Bin Nawaf Al Saud.

Videos and interviews

Here are a few great videos for those who want to know more. The first is a fantastic interview by Gleb Muzrukov. An excellent over view and introduction to an amazing man. Discussions of Ma’s early training with his legendary Grandfather Ma Feng Tu to the future of Chinese Martial Art (Wushu as they say)the discussions are lively and informative.

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