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Why it is perfectly fine to call it “Baby Yoda”

Ok, so here is a quick rant dealing with some language stuff. It is short. Please bear with me for a moment.

If you have seen the Mandalorian on Disney+ , you have no doubt fallen in love with the “secret” character revealed at the end of the first episode; an infant of the same race as Yoda. No sooner did he appear in the Star Wars universe did people start calling it, “Baby Yoda”. For obvious reasons, the creature is now being referred to by that name. That may not seem that controversial. It certainly looks like a “Baby Yoda”.

Star Wars fans:

Hold my beer….

It seems some of the more, shall we say, detailed fans brought up the objection that we should not be calling it Baby Yoda . As the nickname spread I started to see and get into conversations with people who think “Baby Yoda” is a misnomer because it is not, in fact, Yoda as an infant. 

Ok. Just so I can get it off my chest: 

“Baby Yoda” is a place holder. When the character gets an official name, no doubt people will begin calling it by that name. However, as a place holder, Baby Yoda is a perfect moniker. 

People sometimes forget that our words mean many things in different contexts. Ion this case, some people are focusing on the proper name “Yoda” instead of the operative word “Baby”. “Baby” in this case means a “small” or “infant version” of the same species as Yoda. Just like “Baby carrots” are not actually young carrots, and “Baby Bels” are just small cheeses, Baby Yoda is just a descriptive so we don’t trip over our own tongues trying to spit out “Baby of the same species as Yoda” every time. Even Dave Filoni has answered the objections and signed off on the name saying, “Baby Yoda” is “very clear,”. 

Yes, we know it is not Yoda as a baby. Yes, we know it is not its name. No, you wont be able to stop people from referring to it that way.

So relax. Enjoy the wonder that is Baby Yoda. If you don’t like calling it that, you may have to explain yourself a bit while talking to others. Until it receives an official name, “Baby Yoda” it is. 

Now, some obligatory pictures of Baby Yoda for us all to enjoy!

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