Updates: French Lightsaber news and Ma Yue interview returns!

Greetings all! I apologize for the lack of posts recently. We are in full tilt boogie mode here preparing for my teacher, Ma Yue’s visit this August. And of course much to do with the FFE! I thought I would do a quick update post for a few news items.

Master Ma Yue and his Father, Ma Xianda

It’s Back! Extensive Ma Yue interview is back online!

If you are a follower of our Facebook page for Kung Fu Terra Prime Five Dragon Kung fu, you may remember a series of extensive interviews with my teacher Ma Yue. Those videos disappeared while ago from Youtube but now are back, and in a more produced and complete state! Go check them out!

Part one:

Part two:

These interviews are a great insight into Ma Laoshi’s mind and teaching. His background is so extensive, there is simply no way to encapsulate it in a few words. You can really see his passion and depth of knowledge about Wushu and martial arts in these. Thanks go to Gleb Muzrukov for the videos.

Ma Yue is coming in August!

If you are interested in coming to Ma Yue’s workshop, please call: 734-665-3738 or email me here or anuy of our social media outlets. It promises to be an amazing event! Ma Yue is an electrifying teacher and has an amazing wealth of knowledge to share.

Remember, Ma Laoshi is coming in August! He will be giving a presentation about Duan Bing on the 2, 3, and 4th, the first weekend in August. This is a rare chance to get to learn about a sport and style from a master who has championship wins and has been training the art since childhood. Readers will remember that Ma Yue’s Father, Ma Xianda, was instrumental in the formation of the events that would become modern Wushu, including Duan Bing. Ma Xianda’s book on Duan Bing is still the authoritative source for the sport in wide publication.

Lightsaber and the FFE

Also, It is with great pride that I announce that TPLA has been designated as the official Ambassador to the US for the FFE’s (French Federation of Fencing) Lightsaber sport! What this means is that we will soon be offering certifications, events and tournaments under that rule set. We are also hoping to get a group together to go to France and compete in the National lightsaber tournament there! TPLA has been instrumental in the formation of this rule set with our Knight in France, Cedric Giroux. This partnership is a natural extension of that relationship. We are excited to be involved with such an organization and look forward to what the future will bring the sport!

Here is the official announcement: Article in French:

Detroit Maker Faire

We will also be appearing at the Detroit Maker Faire for the third year in a row! Maker Faire is July 27-28. We will have a booth set up with information on everything we have going on and we will be doing a presentation of the French rules for lightsaber on the main stage both days.Lavar Burton will be there this year as well so come on don and get your geek on!

We will be returning to our regularly scheduled programming shortly. We have a few pieces on Ma Tongbei just about ready. Stay tuned!

Patience Practice Perseverance, Happy Sabering!

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