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S-words: Ge 格 Parry or Block

Continuing the examination of the Four Words in Chinese swordsmanship brings us to the character Ge 格. To block, arrest, impede, obstruct, deter, halt, hinder, intercept, parry. The seemingly simple idea of stopping something from hitting you by placing something else in the way has 10,000 permutations, 10,000 synonyms, and 10,000 interpretations of what it… Continue reading S-words: Ge 格 Parry or Block

S-Words: swordplay lexicon, Sword Lab

“S” Words: The Four Words

In the Chinese martial arts, there are certain words and characters that have special meaning. They are often words that are descriptive of familiar, every day actions. They have traditionally been used as mnemonics to aid in memorization and visualization of the techniques they describe. But, because of the metaphorical nature of this practice, instructions… Continue reading “S” Words: The Four Words