Dan Dao Fa Xuan, Translations

Dan Dao Fa Xuan: part 2

Here is the first section of the main portion of the text. This section introduces the basic maneuvers used in with the weapon and some of the strategy that goes along with it. These techniques do not all follow from each other as in the form presented in the next section. They can however be seen to be arranged in a certain manner lending to some novel combinations to be created.

The text is read right to left. The pages are presented in their original order. Facing pages are detailed below right side first and left side second.






Tandem Draw

Because the sabers are long, they are difficult to draw from their scabbards quickly in times of urgency, and because swordsmen will be standing in formations, you draw my sword and I will draw yours. 



Drawing the Saber

Left hand holds the scabbard, Right hand holds the handle in true grip, first pull it out a little, use the hand to hold the back of the blade as you unsheathe the sword, the left hand changes with the right hand to hold the sword, grab the handle with both hands and cut down. 



Bury Head

Here, open the left side door, the left side of the body faces the enemy, lure the enemy to enter with the spear, the saber comes across to block and open the spear, step in obliquely with the right foot, bring the left hand to grasp the handle, it is a simple matter to kill with a chop. 



Enter Cave

Here again, begin by opening the Left Door, lean the body to create an opening, lure in the spear, the saber will lift up from below, he enters with the spear one step, one hand from below performs a lifting cut.



 Single Lift 

This follows from the previous”Bury Head” position, or the “Enter Cave” position, lure the spear to thrust in,  I lift the saber across, opening the spear and entering with the right foot, deliver the upward cut with one hand from below. 



Waist cut stance

This follows from the previous single hand lifting cut, stop your strike with strength, return to the left side, with one hand repeat, hack across with the saber. 



Right Single Leg stance

Open the right side door, the spear thrusts in, with the back of the saber go to the right and behind to stir once, open the spear at an angle and step in to do the “Left Single Leg Stance”, follow this and it is easy to kill.



Left Single Leg Stance

Open the left side door, their spear thrusts in, with the back of the saber go back and to the left to stir once, open the spear step in diagonally to the right, chop once with the saber.



 Left Lift and Carry Stance

This again opens the right side door, his spear thrusts in, the saber will cut up from below with a diagonal lifting cut then next, step in with the left foot and repeat on the opposite side, or “Right Lift and Carry Stance”, heed this advice and kill with ease. ( these two techniques are the quintessential methods of the Japanese Pirates. )



 Crossed Stance

The left knee is facing forward, open the right side door, the spear thrusts in, with the back of the saber stir once to the right, step in with the right foot, step again with the left, shear and step diagonally in, heed this and kill with ease. 



Low Watch Stance

Open the right side of the body again, the spear thrusts in, the saber will go back to parry, step in with the right foot from the left side, repeat “Upper Bow Stance”. These two techniques, Left and Right Blocking Spear, both can dodge to the sides, step in and follow the spear and do not disconnect from the weapon, heed this and kill with ease.



Right Lift and Carry stance

Again, open the left side door, the spear thrusts in, the saber comes from underneath for a diagonal lifting cut to the top, step in with “Left Lift and Carry”.



Outer Watch Stance

Open the right side door, the spear thrusts in, use the back of the saber to push open. They advance with the spear, left foot or right foot steal a step turn the body and lunge in, again enter with the left foot, draw cut across once, again enter with the right, stir with the back of the saber to the right, then deliver a chop.



Upper Bow Stance

The saber is diagonally across the right knee facing forward, open the front door, the spear will thrust in, the saber back blocks to the left, enter with the left step from the right, then into “Low Watch Stance”.



Brace the Left Knee

The saber is pushed out, press against the top of left knee, the ancient spear has a “dragging” strike, if the spear blocks and opens the saber to the left, retreat with the left step, change into “Prepare Bow Stance”: if the spear drags to the right, open the saber and sit back, change into “Low Watch Stance”, the spear enters again, follow this for an easy kill.



Brace the Right Knee

The Saber pushes out, and presses the above right knee. If they attack to the left or right of me, I will quickly step in, and use the saber to slice at the spear in close quarters. the spear thrusts at my foot, use the lifting strike; If they thrust straight for me, use the saber to chop. They drag my saber, quickly change to “Outer Watch Stance”: they block my saber, quickly change to “Prepare Bow Stance”. Heed this and kill with ease.



Face the Sky (Over Turning)

With the left side, hip, and foot, facing the enemy. The spear thrusts in, I raise the left leg, with the back of the saber stir to the left, open the spear, follow it by stepping in and chopping to kill. 



Receive and Push 

This follows from “Outer Watch Stance”, open the left side door. The spear feigns a thrust, with the back of the saber, push to the right, open the spear. The spear returns with an actual thrust to my chest, slip your foot from right to left, sever the spear with a chop.



Saber back Blocks the Iron Weapon

The edge begins sharp, if I encounter one using a “Iron Whip”, the Iron bar, the heavy class of weapons, if the edge is used for chops and blocks, it will surely be ruined, then how will you kill the enemy! The old use of the saber back is one of the central techniques and is a subtle action strike and block . 



Concealed Knife

This is intended for the feints with the spear which are difficult to predict, so, hang two or three small knives (in your belt), hide the left hand, face the left shoulder and back toward the enemy, you must not let the enemy see, so that they cannot defend as you throw your dagger at them. 



Flying Knife

Throw the small knife, it will surely provoke a response, avail yourself of the opportunity and use the saber to chop in, certainly this is the use of the short and the long. 



Sheath the Saber

With the left hand grasp the handle. Switch hands and grab the back of the saber with the right hand, then returns to its sheath. 

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