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“Women Can’t Fight with a 10 Pound Sword.”

Are you enjoying the Witcher on Netflix? I am. I think you should watch it. It does some big things very right. But, not according to idiot Andrew Klaven:

“Immediately I was put off by the fact that there’s a queen in this who fights like a man,” he declared. “There’s a couple of scenes where women fight with swords. And I just hate these scenes, because no women can fight with swords. Zero women can fight with a sword.”

At least she is wearing her helmet.

“What I mean by that is in a situation where you are fighting men who are used to fighting with swords, you are going to get killed if you are a woman fighting with a sword 100 percent of the time,” he said. “A woman with a sword could kill somebody who doesn’t know how to fight with a sword. But in a war situation, where you are swinging this five- to ten-pound sword again and again and again, against much, much, much stronger men, they are going to kill you.”

Not swords, but, well….

The Wallace Collection Swords

This guy puts it a bit more eloquently than I would be able. Advisory for some mild language.

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