Lightsaber Academy

General Sun’s Djem So: Instructions on the first section

Greetings! Here is a quick post so highlight our on going project to help General Sun bring his Djem So to life. Here is our first tutorial on the set. The first section is broken down into Sun’s traditional instructions and then in our modern TPLA parlance.

Here are the movments as stated by Sun:

First line Salutation Step to Yin Yang grip Downward flower and press (in/down) with the sword in R twist stance Flick up with sword to upward flower and ride with step to right side guard Counter-Clock stir to stump (or) R twist stance sword at L shoulder Spring step slice (fillet) R upward flower to rainbow carry and mid thrust Hip shoulder cut to shoulder hip cleave upward flower to wedge with sword

Damon honeycutt (aka general sun)

We will be bringing you more sections soon and start some discussions around the form and it’s purpose. Please stay tuned!

Patience, Practice, Perseverance!

Happy Sabering!

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