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The General’s Djem So

At long last, the fruits of this years symposium are being revealed! This is the first showing of the Dulon set the Damon (General Sun) Honeycutt has created for the sabering world. As you may have read, we gathered together over a weekend in April to set down this method and come together as minds on the wider project before us.

A bit of background into the Form; This set is based on the teachings of Yu Cheng Hui, the subject of many points of discussion here, and a variant of the his set of Chinese Two Handed Sword. The set is full of skills both subtle and obvious. Damons performance displays the grace one would expect from a performer of his caliber.

We will be releasing tutorials on the set soon. There are three sections with a “mystery” fourth section. For now, please enjoy the movement poetry on display.

Special thanks to Damon Honeycutt for his work, Ben Judkins, Daniel Mroz, and Matthew Stewart-Fulton for being at the symposium! We did good work and I am proud to have had the opportunity.

Matthew not pictured.

And another thank you to all who donated to the fundraiser for Damon:

Akaya Robey

Cathy Prichard

John Solomon 

General A’dar

Alexander Vieux 

Alex Prévost-Brillet

Desso Faulkner

Amandine Lecomte

Jason Schild 

Much more to come folks! Stay tuned!

Happy Sabering!

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