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Summer Workshop with Ma Yue!

[Update!!! We are extending the early bird discount until July 4! Still plenty of time to sign up!

Call: (734)665 3738 and ask about the August Training Camp with Ma Yue. Or Email me here with any questions. Hope to see you there!]

Shameless plug time!

This August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, I will be hosting a workshop seminar with my teacher Master Ma Yue. This is going to be a seminar focusing on weapon work and Duan Bing (Chinese fencing). He will being including work with the bian gun or short stick. This is an extension of and development from the winter invite only event. So those of you that saw that post and thought it looked fun, here is your chance to get in on the action! And if you sign up before June 4th, you will get 30% off!

For those of you who do not know, Ma Yue is the son of the Great Ma Xian Da and the Grandson of Ma Feng Tu. He is the inheritor of his family system Ma Shi Tongbei Wuyi. Ma Style is famous as a martial art that incorporates history, tradition, performance, and real world fighting skills into one expansive and well rounded system.

Ma Loashi himself is a former champion of taolu (forms), san da(free fighting or kick boxing) and Duan Bing (short weapon fencing). He brings a very special and rare combination of skill in martial art. This is a rare treat for fans of martial art and especially Chinese styles.

But, this workshop will be great for anyone of any style! If you are into the Chinese martial arts there is lots for you. But those interested in swords, competition, general training, and historical martial arts will also find this an amazing opportunity.

So, this is just a quick summary. There will be more posts about Ma Style Tong Bei soon. You can read about our first workshop back in February here. In the meantime, sign up today for that early bird price and we hope to see you in August!

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