Lightsaber Academy, Sparring showcase

The Return of VorNach!

Together again!

2019 is going to be a banner year for us here at Terra Prime Light Armory. We are moving into our seventh year, we taking new directions and expanding our repertoire, and we are welcoming old friends back to the fold! Something that some of our longer term followers may notice is that Matthew, aka VorNach, is back among us!

Matt and I started TPLA back in 2012. We had been working together for a few years trying to bring different arts together for sparring. We never thought it would be come what it has, but we are quite please to see all the new interest.

Matt had moved away for work bout 5 years ago. After a few harrowing adventures, he has found his way back home to us! Matt s one of my longest training partners and sparring partners for weapons. After half a decade, we finally got to spar again! Here is the full unedited spar we had upon his return.

Welcome back!

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