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Shang-Chi Trailer

A little something different today.  Marvel has just posted the trailer for “Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings” which comes out this September. For comic book and martial arts fans, there is probably no more anticipated title slated for Marvel this year. Check it out below: A quick background on… Continue reading Shang-Chi Trailer

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Martial Art Forms: 3 Most pervasive myths about solo training.

Kata, Tao Lu, Dulon, Forms, Patterns, Sets, Routines. Solo forms are the signature of most Asian martial arts. These 30 second to 3 minute long choreographed routines are a crowd pleasing event and one of the most enjoyable parts of many of the martial arts. They can provide quiet in a busy day, a way… Continue reading Martial Art Forms: 3 Most pervasive myths about solo training.

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Shuang Gou雙鉤:Double (Tiger) Hooks

We return now, to the world of strange and fantastic weaponry of China. This time we are looking at the Tiger Hooks (or double hooks, hook swords, tiger head hooks etc.). These weapons are some of the most wild looking and impressive weapons to wield. The weapons themselves have a mysterious history, appearing only as… Continue reading Shuang Gou雙鉤:Double (Tiger) Hooks

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Jian Jing劍經: Part 1-Preface

The Ming dynasty of China is one of the most impactful and formational periods in later Chinese history. Many great accomplishments came from the era, spurred on by a tumultuous society in flux. Toward the later part of the period a few things came together that are of massive importance to us in the Chinese… Continue reading Jian Jing劍經: Part 1-Preface