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Perspectives: Traditional and Historical Martial Arts

This blog is about a few rather disparate subjects. I am careful not to claim mastery or expertise in any of these, just experience in the field. My language experience is from my days in professional interpreting.  So I approach the linguistic questions from that point of view. The historical questions have always been asked… Continue reading Perspectives: Traditional and Historical Martial Arts

Lightsaber Academy

The French Rules for Lightsaber Sparring!!!

It is finally here! The English Translation of the rules for Lightsaber Sparring in France! You may download them in PDF form below. You may also view them as images on our Facebook Page. The First booklet is the rules for competitors. The second is for judges and arbitration. Please feel free to take a… Continue reading The French Rules for Lightsaber Sparring!!!

Lightsaber Academy

Symposium 2019 and the General’s Return Fund

Symposium 2019  2019 marks the 7th year of TPLA. Since seven is such an iconic number in our circles, we have decided to take this as a cue to rebrand a bit, improve the content and bring this activity into more varied and interesting realms. As such this years Symposium will kick off the banner… Continue reading Symposium 2019 and the General’s Return Fund

Lightsaber Academy

Ataru: Formula of Attack Ataru: Formula (please reference this video with the text) Ataru is a much storied Form and Formula. It is desired by so many and ridiculed by the same number. There are those who wish to achieve its feats of acrobatics and flash. It represents aggression, something that emboldens the novice with thoughts of super… Continue reading Ataru: Formula of Attack

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S-words: Xi, to wash

The Four Words as discussed in the previous installment, form a sort of conceptual base from which to build a system of sword fencing. Although, it has been pointed out by many, that much of modern swordsmanship is lacking in a foundation like the one laid with the Four Words. Esteemed writers and teachers often… Continue reading S-words: Xi, to wash