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ASL-FFE rules: First workshop June 22

Apologies for the lack of posts. Things are ramping up for summer. We have the Summer Workshop with Ma Yue in August, and many big things coming up in Fall. Stay tuned!

Also, on June 22nd in Ann Arbor Michigan, we will hold our first workshop on the FFE Rules! We will go over arming, match play ad arbitration. All levels welcome! It will be a fun afternoon and will run form 1-5pm. Click here or call Liberty Athletic Club at (734)660-3644 to reserve your spot! You can also email me through here.

Today I bring to you our first full example match using the rules of the FFE. The rhythm of this type of game is bit different than many are used to, but we have been finding it a fun and exciting new way to play this game.

The video starts out with the gear requirements. As this is an official sport, these requirements are NOT OPTIONAL. The rules clearly state that not having the required gear will result in a forfeit and taking off gear, especially the helmet, during match play will result in a penalty. This of course, is right along with the TPLA mantra. The gear requirements in this game will free you up to truly target the entire body of the opponent without fear. And no one wants to loose training time because of preventable injury.

A few moments of note in the video. We did not have live arbitration for this match so I scored and arbitrated it from the video footage. This is not exactly a perfect way to do things. But it served us for the day. As such there are a few moments that could use a bit of pointing out.

The first point scored by green should probably be scored as 5 not 3. The shoulder is counted as a torso shot. But this strike bounced off my arm and into the neck. I scored it as 3 for the sake of keeping the match going for analysis.

The last point scored by Green may have been invalid as well. It is difficult to tell from the cameral angle if the strike was properly armed or not.

All that being said, we think we have a good example of a match played with the ASL-FFE rules. We will be putting out some videos on the basics soon and we have the workshop on June 22 in Ann Arbor Michigan. So if you are using the system or want to start trying it, your chance is coming!

So, until the next installment! Patience, Practice, Perseverance!

Happy Sabering!

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